Brush Sets

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3/4" Foam Brush Set AC272 $11.75
Asstd Foam Brush Set AC273 $9.50
Glue Brush Set AC274 $14.00
Bristle Brush Set AC275 $27.50

¾" Foam Brush Set (50 pcs) - Disposable foam brushes with wooden handles are great for detailing and doing small touch-up work

Assorted Foam Brush Set (24 pcs) - These disposable foam brushes are just what the doctor ordered for water-and-oil based paints and finishes. Made with a wooden handle and a tough plastic support panel. Ideal for use with stains, varnish and urethane finishes. Includes ten 1", eight 2" and six 3" sizes

Glue Brush Set (50 pcs) - The best guarantee for a fail-safe glue joint is to spread the glue evenly over the entire surface. The best way to spread glue is with one of these disposable glue brushes. Small enough to fit into tight mortises, yet large enough to spread glue quickly, these glue brushes belong in every woodshop. Plumbers and pipe fitters also use these brushes for flux and pipe dope. Contains twenty-five - 5/16", and twenty-five - 1/2"

Bristle Brush Set (50 pcs.) - These synthetic bristle chip brushes are perfect for use with stains, glues and resins - or other substances that will ruin your more expensive "keeper" paint brushes. Includes five 1/2", twenty 1", fifteen 2" and ten 3" brushes. 50 pieces