Birdhouses & Feeders

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You don't have to be an outdoorsy type to enjoy birdwatching, and you don't necessarily have to go outdoors to watch birds! Set up any of these thirty cozy homes and feeders in a spot that's conveniently viewed from indoors, and let the show begin! 48 pgs. Ellarson, Barquest, Craven
This easy-to-use manual features clear illustrations and step-by-step construction guidelines for building permanent residences, winter homes, and snack bars for birds of many different feathers - wrens, bluebirds, owls, robins, titmice, and other species, including squirrels and bats. A list of easily obtainable materials appears with each design, along with helpful suggestions for attracting specific creatures. Most designs involve woodworking techniques; others offer simple methods for recycling milk jugs, cardboard cartons, and tires into wildlife refuges