Mini Sanding Arbors

Type SKU Qty
Starter Set AC253
80 grit Replacement Sleeves AC254
120 grit Replacement Sleeves AC255
150 grit Replacement Sleeves AC256
Assorted Replacement Sleeves AC257

Mini-Sanding Arbors are ideal for edge and contour sanding confined areas on intarsia projects.

1/4" diameter x 3" long Mini-Sanding Arbors are 40% smaller in diameter and 50% larger in work surface than a standard 1/2" x 2" arbor. For use in a drill press or possible a hand drill.

 (Not for use on a scroll saw.)

  • Starter Set includes 3 arbors and 1 each 80, 120, 150 grit sleeves.
  • Replacement Sleeves contain 6 sleeves.
  • Assorted Replacement Sleeves contains 2 sleeves of each size (80, 120, and 150 grits).