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Laminated Wood Art Made Easy - Symmetrical Multi-Generational Patterns

SKU: SCH1717

Laminated Wood Art Made Easy - Symmetrical Multi-Generational PatternsThis second installment in the Laminated Wood Art series focuses on using a multi-generational process to create unique, symmetrical wood art patterns with intricate designs. This straightforward method involves cutting laminated strips of different wood species at various angels and gluing them back together to develop new, repeated configurations. The designs discussed in this book employ evenly balanced patterns that can be manipulated to form new, more complicated designs. Artist concepts naturally evolve with each generation. Learn how to build a pair of end table tops, then take these indispensable principles and use your imagination to combine them into new artistic shapes and displays. Friendly instructions and images of different phases of completion result in symmetrical multi-generational patterns using four generations. The author also covers many woodworking basics, such as safety, tools, materials, wood movement, and moisture. 8 1/2”h x 11”w