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Scroll Saw by Land, Sea and Air

SKU: WTB1001

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Taking off on a Scrolling Adventure!

Inside you'll find 46 scroll saw patterns guaranteed to get you "on the road" to an enjoyable scroll saw experience.

  • Travel the rails with patterns for old-fashioned locomotives and modern engines--like the William Mason and the American Locomotive Company's 1959 Diesel Locomotive.
  • Fly above the clouds with patterns of bi-wing planes, fighter jets, and today's Concorde.
  • Sail the high seas with patterns of majestic sailing ships and comfortable sailboats--like the Santa Catarina and the Flicka.
  • Take a Sunday drive with patterns for antique and classic cars--like the 1915 Ford Model T and 1932 Alfa Romeo.

Whether you prefer fast or slow, grounded or airborne, the wide variety of patterns for helicopters, planes, ships, trains, cars, and trucks presented here is sure to please. Includes 46 ready-to-cut patterns and covers basic cutting and stringing instructions. Also includes instructions on altering patterns to include photographs.  Brown; 60 pgs