Intarsia Animals - Working The Wise Way

SKU: SDB1002

Intarsia Animals - Working The Wise WayBooks Intarsia. 20 Animal Patterns for beginners to advanced woodworkers. The new spiral spine makes it easy to copy patterns and lays flat when referencing the photos and steps as you work. The book has beautiful photographs and multi-views of each animal project, along with three easy to advanced step by step projects which clearly explain the techniques for creating realistic animal Intarsia projects. The Wood, Finishing, Eyes, Tools and Supply sections have lots of helpful reference information. Patterns include: Lamb, Raccoon, Panda, Wolf, Lion, Mountain Lion, Friesian Horse, Cow, Bison, Whitetail & Mule Deer, Fawn, Tiger, Bobcat, Cheetahs, Cat, Fox, Bear Cub, Snow Leopard and Squirrel. Kathy Wise 96 pgs. 11" h x 9" w