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Sell Your Crafts Online

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"Sell Your Crafts Online" provides a roadmap to the best Internet places for makers of handmade crafts to sell and promote from. Discover over 500 online marketing ideas. Get ways to inspire trust on your site pages so more shoppers buy. Learn how to boost your craft site's search engine traffic with 24 top Search Engine Optimization tips. Are your crafts for sale on Etsy and eBay but lost in the crowd? Find more than 80 other places to sell handmade crafts from. And learn where to sell your crafts to stores online from 10 wholesale sites. Promote your indie designed art and crafts from more than 40 online communities. Get reviews of your craft products on 51 shopping community and blog sites that seek unique products to write about. Syndicate your handmade crafts images, blogs, videos, and articles from 36 networks and discover 16 ideas for getting free publicity in magazines and on TV. Thought about starting your own t-shirt business? "Sell Crafts Online" reveals 16 sites like Cafepress that let you sell your art and designs via on-demand products like t-shirts, mugs, caps and hundreds of other products. Save yourself weeks of research. Get ahead by accessing undiscovered but popular places for selling crafts online from. 133 pgs. Dillehay