Plywood - 12" x 12"

Options SKU Price Qty
1/8" Baltic Birch A (5 pcs) WD1812A $7.50
1/8" Baltic Birch C (5 pcs) WD1812C $4.00
1/4" Baltic Birch A WD1412A $4.00
1/4" Baltic Birch C WD1412C $1.25
1/4" Red Oak WD2412 $5.00
1/4" Cherry WD3412 $6.50
1/4" Maple WD4412 $4.50
1/4" Walnut WD5412 $6.75

12" x 12" Plywood Sheets (nominal sizing; +/- 1/8" to allow blade width while cutting)

  • 1/8" Baltic Birch Plywood comes in 5 pc packs. All 1/4" sheets come per piece.
  • Red Oak, Cherry, Maple, and Walnut all have an MDF Core.
  • Pictures show bare wood on left and with a clear finish added on right.
  • This is a natural product, wood grain and color will vary.
  • Baltic Birch comes in three grades:
    • A - Clean on both surfaces with no plugs or major blemishes. Great for ornaments.
    • B - Clean on one surface. Second surface will have a plug or blemish. Great for wall hangings.
    • C - Has a plug or blemish on both surfaces. Great for painting
  • If you do not see an option listed, it is because we are currently out of stock.

***Ships only in USA***